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How to reach your goals


How many times we have set ourselves goals and then with the pretext of “I do not have time” we leave everything for tomorrow.

Not knowing how to handle our time leads to frustration and today I will share some tips to help them achieve their goals.

When it comes to achieving change, successful people are those who set realistic and specific goals. For example, “I’m going to do deep cleaning of my closet” is a more feasible goal than “I’ll do deep cleaning of the whole house” begins with the closet and the next week you go with the cupboard or the children’s rooms.

Take the time to evaluate your specific situation and not just reactions after you do not have your clothes left and say, “I’ve decided I need to lose weight and I’m going to exercise every morning.” Calm! It takes time for a change to become an established habit.

And no one better than you know your situation and the real time you can devote to exercise and eye! Also what kind of exercise are you going to do?

Because with desperation we burn all the energy in a little while and we go out with the typical “oh no! Best start on Monday “does it sound familiar?

Another big pretext is: Pleasing other people, and no, it does not work!

The key to making a change permanent is to find the desire for it to happen inside you, you have to do it because you really want it, not because a friend or relative wants you to. Make the commitment to yourself and if you truly want it you will achieve it!

Just remember that every morning the clock starts for everyone. And only you decide how you are going to invest your time.

Focus on what matters most to you and especially on what happiness will bring you.

Be flexible, sometimes things will not go as planned, so it’s best to be flexible and adapt to different situations without forgetting your goal.

It will probably take a couple of months before such a change becomes part of your life. And this is because your brain needs time to get accustomed to the idea that your new habit is part of your regular routine.

Remember that power is in you.

Adriana Gallardo.