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How to control your anger


This article is dedicated to all the angry people, but not to anyone who gets angry no, no, no, I’m talking about people that when they get angry they lose control very ugly.

I know that you are not one those, but surely you know someone, so pay attention.

To feel anger is a totally normal human emotion, what is not normal is to be controlled by it, because it becomes destructive, it causes many problems at work in personal relationships and in the quality of life in general.

But the worst thing is, that makes you a puppet and slave to the circumstances.

How awful! Don’t you think?

Some angry people say, “Well, you made me mad!”

Oh my! That shows how little power of self control you have.

Do you think that your mood and defiance depends on others?

The key is in self-control, and to end that anger once and for all, you must learn to identify it.

Identify anger

You feel a heat that starts with your feet and as you go, goes up to your knees, then walks to the stomach, but look! When you feel it going by the chest you must stop it before it reaches your mouth and it is too late.

Because words have the power to create or to destroy and then when the storm passes you feel fatal.

What to do in case of anger?

Take a deep breath, count as much as you need, get some fresh air, think about the damage you can do!

Look when you are about to revenge your courage, take a minute to acknowledge and thank all the good you have in your life.

Your health, your family, your job, your house, the key is that it’s impossible to think about all those positive things and at the same time be angry.

If you can not change what makes you angry, then change your point of view. Do whatever, but change !. Remember that power is in you.

Adriana Gallardo.