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How to recognize a manipulator


Today I bring a very strong topic that I hope will help you recognize a manipulative person and can maintain your peace of mind.

I always promote living a life with conscience, always be alert to what we do and we say it according to the life we want to live. Because everyone creates their own destiny. Keep your peace of mind that for me is the same as being happy.

In life it is inevitable to live with other people and experience different situations, that does not mean that we should dance to the sound that touches us or that rob us of peace

Unfortunately the manipulative people are experts at this. But, how to identify them? …

At first … They always want to tell you what you “should” do. Your goal is to create confusion and make you doubt. They are misleading … because they make you believe something that is not and they disguise it very well … eh!

The manipulators have a face that will not break a plate and when you least expect it zas!

Ah !. But when they feel discovered they say things like, “No, No,” You’re not understanding what I said “,” Ay, how sensitive you are … “,” Ay, how do you like drama! “. What good phrases really, when exactly the opposite is true.

The manipulators delight in creating drama, only they do not do it openly, they do not lose control, they do not scream, no, no, no, they remain in their role of understanding. Their specialty is to turn things around but they do it very subtly … they make you doubt, they make you question to the degree that you convince yourself that you’re really making a storm in a glass of water. And sadly many people fall into this trap and the poor within their confusion find reasons that convince them that indeed if they are dramatic. And zas! They fall into the trap of the manipulator. Abused !!

A person who really loves you and cares about other human beings does not need to manipulate anyone. The manipulators are hurt people and people like that, always hurt others.

Do not feel bad to have discovered them, you are the creator of your life and if that person does not bring you anything positive, do not let your life bitter and stop your growth.

Adriana Gallardo