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What job can you be most successful in?


When a person likes what he does, surely you will see him smiling and with a good attitude. But, why are so many people not happy with their work? Why do so many people dream of dedicating themselves to something more and feel that their life is not going anywhere ?.

If you are one of those people that on Sunday afternoon is distressed because on Monday you must go to work, or the typical that when they are at work they spend watching the clock every time because they wait anxiously to leave, Do you identify yourself? Unfortunately, most likely you are not working in the right place.

And this has its origin in the passion with which we do things.
Look very well … when we work in what we are passionate about, there is no time or effort. Working on what we are passionate about makes us feel useful, gives us a sense of satisfaction and a great dose of accomplishment that consequently makes us feel full, happy in few words: successful.

Surely now you ask yourself, but how do I do to really know what makes me happy and can I have a job that I enjoy doing? Well, believe it or not. It’s simpler than you can imagine.

The first thing to do is identify your natural skills. What do I mean by this? To all those skills that you are given since you have use of memory ranging from painting, dancing, cooking, writing, skating, building, disassembling, designing, in short …
Your skills are those activities that you do easily and skillfully, but above all the ones that you make gladly, those that do not cost you work to do, because when you do it you spend your time very fast because you are enjoying them !!

Now that you know how to detect your skills, find a job that suits your skills, a job that gives you the opportunity to grow and above all, where what you do serves not only for your benefit but also adds value to the company And other people. The feeling that you contribute with your work to a common good, to your company to a client, to another person or to society, will make you feel happy and satisfied.

Soon you will realize that no matter what day of the week it is, you will be happy because you enjoy what you do.

You deserve the best, explore your options and remember that each and every one of us have different talents, and now ask yourself: What is yours?

Dare to make your own decisions … Dare to succeed !!

Adriana Gallardo.