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Why do women leave men?


All the women marry us with the idea that marriage is forever, we plan the wedding, we get excited about the blue prince, we make a thousand life plans together and then … something happens that forces us to make the decision to leave the man of our life.

I do not say that women are perfect but men rarely realize the mistakes they make that force one to say goodbye.

A clear example is when they make you feel alone, Yes !, because they neglect that important part of communication. Women need to feel accompanied, understood and for that it is necessary for the man to take the time to listen to our frustrations (which are not so many, lol).

But look ….

We do not need to be told “I told you so” or “It is not so much”, with the simple fact that they pay attention to us and when I say “attention” I mean that they listen to us with their eyes, their ears, their minds and their hearts.

Look men, the thing is much easier than you think.

Women do not always seek to solve the problem by just being there, providing moral support, making us feel that they understand us, that they embrace us and that they tell us that everything is going to be right is enough.

Otherwise women think we do not care and they do not want us. I recommend that you take time to listen to your women today, give them the support they need and see how their relationship strengthens.

Adriana Gallardo