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How do we survive Donald Trump?


The impossible has just become a reality. Donald Trump is mere months away from becoming the leader of our country and few of us believed that this would ever happen. Tensions are high but the fact is that this is our reality and it’s time to start looking at how we will move forward.

Accept that we are no longer in control of the results

We voted and we did our part but after that, it’s out of our hands. We can’t always get what we want and the first step is to get over that. Trying to be in control of every situation is enough to drive anyone insane. What we can control, however, is our reaction to the change. 

Don’t be a victim of the circumstances

We can not leave our happiness or our destiny in anyone’s hands but our own. You have the power to create the life you want regardless of who is sitting in the oval office. We have always had rules and regulations that we disagree with and we learn to adapt to our circumstances one way or another.

Don’t take it personally

We can not take everything that Trump has said to heart. We can’t let his comments affect how we see ourselves or how we see each other. Keep in mind that yes, he was running a campaign, but he was also putting on a show for the media and for the public. Remember your value and don’t give his words enough importance to knock you down. 

Focus on yourself and not on pointing the finger

Blaming Trump for the racism that exists in our country doesn’t do any good. Blaming his supporters for the hatred that exists doesn’t do any good. Focus on yourself and the love that you have to spread. Hate can not be defeated with more hate. Now is the time when our values and our education will be put to the test. Trust that you are strong and wise enough to push through this. 

Do your part

Take action and add your grain of sand to the vast beach that surrounds you. Take the power back. Share your love and your talents with the world to fight the prejudice that exists in our country. Be the beacon of hope that you and the rest of the nation desperately need.

No individual owns this country, regardless of his/her position in office. America was and will continue to be the land of immigrants – the land of opportunity. Don’t give up your power to keep it that way. Do your part and fight for your values. Fight for your families.

-Adriana Gallardo

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