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Power in Heels: Adriana Gallardo Raises the Bar Once Again


“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing,” – Pele. Few people exemplify these words of wisdom quite like Adriana Gallardo, founder and owner of the AGI Business Group empire. In recognition of her professional excellence and tremendous humanitarian work, Gallardo recently received a Postulant Honorary Doctorate from Universidad Ejecutiva Del Estado De México. The university conferred this award at a commencement ceremony held in Mexico City on January 18, 2019. This ceremony was especially prestigious because Gallardo’s nomination for a doctorate came from La Asociación Nacional de Locutores en México (ANLM). ANLM’s mission is to contribute to the moral, intellectual and material evolution of broadcasters in Mexico. Their recognition of Gallardo’s merit adds one more extraordinary highlight in an already illustrious career. While she counts this accolade as an incredible distinction, earning an honorary degree is just a little taste of the brilliance Adriana Gallardo has in store for 2019.

Hard on the heels of her commencement ceremony, Gallardo has also began filming the third season of her acclaimed reality TV show Despegando.It’s hard to deny that society has been working through seismic socio-political changes in the recent past. Thanks to the powerful impact of movements such as Time’s Up and #MeToo, humanity has finally started ta! king meaningful steps to address the injustice of longstanding misogyny and sexual harassment. Women all over the world are rising up to bring a permanent end to bias and discrimination based on gender. Which is precisely why the third season of Despegando Show is going to be all about two words – women’s empowerment. As the show airs, viewers will get an opportunity to witness Adriana Gallardo use her natural ability as a leader to motivate and inspire women to reach their fullest potential.

Adriana Gallardo is one of Southern California’s most successful Latina businesswomen. As the mastermind behind Adriana’s Insurance Services, Gallardo is a symbol of leadership in the insurance industry which she has dominated for more than two decades. Beyond the accomplishment of founding Adriana’s Insurance Services, Gallardo has also evolved into C.E.O. of the AGI Business Group, a conglomerate of companies with successful ventures in Insurance, Media, Specialty Retail and Philanthropy. Not only does Gallardo’s enterprise create employment for hundreds of people in the state of California, her active participation in charity impacts lives on an international level.

To describe Adriana Gallardo as a legend is an understatement. She is a prime example to all Latinos of the limitless possibilities that hard work and boundless determination can fulfill. Gallardo could have settled to spend her career as an employee, but she chose more. She could have called it a day and been complacent with starting her first business, but still, she chose more. She could have even chosen to live in the comfort of fame and fortune without lifting a finger to help others, but in true philanthropic fashion, she chose to do more. With every passing day, Adriana Gallardo continues to make a difference, and be a shining example, of what it means to be successful. If the sky is the limit on what a woman can accomplish, Adriana Gallardo will never stop aiming for the stars. Tune in to see the amazing things she has planned for Season 3 of Despegando Show. !

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