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Why are women so complicated?


One of the questions that men always ask is: Why are women so complicated?

No way women, we have to accept that sometimes and only sometimes, we are very complicated.

Yes women, we have to accept it.

What happens is that sometimes we make a storm in a glass of water. I say sometimes because all day we are working at home, cleaning, pickung up the groceries, taking care of our children, cooking, the husband or for those who work outside, the boss, co-workers, the drama, the traffic, the gym!

With all due the reason! We are complicated!

But you know how to calm women, with: Calm down! That’s what we need to calm down.

Stop thinking we have to please everyone and we can do everything.

We must learn to set boundaries, to truly own our time, to give importance to the people and things that really interest us and especially those that give us happiness.

And is that with the eagerness to please all we make commitments that we can not meet and at the smallest thing, we exploit.

Let’s understand that we are not the wonder woman, that the world does not end because you say, no thanks right now I can not, or do not count on me.

It is also worth spending some time on yourself, to stop that whirlwind of life that you carry

It is not good to be labeled as hysterical, because we only win that the people who really love us will walk away and then what did all your effort do?

The best recommendation is, you should feel good if you sometimes have to say No!

I invite you to calmly make a list of everything that you do in the day and of all your tasks choose which are the ones that have priority.

Take control of your life and be happy!

Remember that power is in you.

Adriana Gallardo.