My Story

Adriana Gallardo was born in Mexico and immigrated to the United States 22 years ago with a determination to succeed in the land of opportunity. Adriana created her first business, an insurance agency, as suggested by her mother “Doña Rosy”, who saw great potential in her daughter. Doña Rosy constantly supported and encouraged her daughter to venture into the business world.

The name of the company, “Adriana’s Insurance”, was chosen by Mrs. Rosy herself, even though Adriana was not exactly fond of the idea of ​​using her own name for a business. This is how Adriana Insurance came to be; a name that is now a symbol of leadership in the insurance industry within the Latino community.

Adriana, with the help of Mrs. Rosy, opened her first office in a small place in the city of Pomona, CA. Mother and daughter face many challenges, but no obstacle was strong enough to persuade them to give up on their dream. Her determination and desire to overcome in the United States was much stronger than any obstacle. Despite her youth, Adriana found a way to convince business owners and customers to trust her and confined in her abilities.

Their professionalism and dedication to their work did not go unnoticed in a time were the community did not believe a Latino could start a business let alone be successful in it. However, Adriana made a difference and never lost faith in her community. Over time, she gradually built a business around the idea of ​​giving an example of what an honest and trust worthy business should be with the aim of providing quality insurance services at a low price.

It was a simple business model that was embraced by a lot of customers; thus creating the basis for its success. Adriana took many different roles and wore different hats. In the mornings, she would come to work in jeans and take to the streets and hand out flyers. In the evenings, she dressed in her business suit, visit car dealerships and sell auto insurance policies.

As her business slowly began to prosper, Adriana never acquired a sense of superiority. She did not separate herself from her staff or had an “I own” attitude. Instead, she continued to participate in all aspects of business and work as hard as everyone else. Always full of energy and positivity, this determined young business continually surprised her mother. Several years later, Adriana’s parents and sisters joined and opened more locations of “Adriana’s insurance”; thus, the transformation of the company into a family operated business. Currently, there are over 60 offices throughout Southern California and Adriana continues with plans to expand to other states.

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