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4 Problems to Beware of If You Spend Too Much Time Looking at Screens

4 Problems to Beware of If You Spend Too Much Time Looking at Screens

Very few things have had as much of a positive impact on human existence as technology.  Digital technology in particular makes it possible for us to stay informed, conduct transactions and maintain interpersonal connection as a society, with the click of a mouse, or the swipe of a finger.  Unfortunately, as much immeasurable good as technology brings about in our lives, technology can also cause harm if it’s used excessively, or abused.  One of the biggest reasons why relationships fall apart in modern times is because people neglect each other by staying glued to screens and devices.  Here are a few bad things which could happen if you spend too much time on technology:

     1. You Could Get Hooked: Addiction is an illness which can happen for reasons beyond drugs and alcohol.  All it takes to be addicted to something is a dependency so extreme that it causes adverse effects on a person’s life and decision-making.  If using technology pushes you into making destructive choices habitually, you could be addicted.

     2. You’ll Set a Bad Example: Grown people have the luxury of sacrificing healthy habits for extreme behaviors every now and then.  However, children need to make good choices in order to grow into well-adjusted adults.  If you model the habit of being glued to devices to your kids, not only will they grow up thinking that’s normal, but they will never know the serenity of existing in their own thoughts.

     3. Loved-Ones Will Have to Compete for Your Attention: Nothing is more deflating than spending time with someone you like, only to realize they’re completely distracted by a phone or a screen.  If something gets in the way of quality time with family, it drives a wedge between people that’s harder and harder to bridge as time goes by.

     4. You’ll Hurt Your Eyes: Computers make it easier to do a lot of things, except see.  The more time you spend staring at screens, the more of a strain you put on your eyes.  Excessive use of screen technology prevents people from blinking, and consequently causes complications such as dry-eye or blurry vision.

Nobody’s saying you have to give up using technology altogether.  Especially because there’s no way civilization will ever revert to a completely analog lifestyle.  Instead of tethering your whole existence to screens and Wi-Fi though, pace yourself, and take breaks so that you can live in the moment every now and then.  Make sure you have at least two days every week when you can disconnect from the noise and tune out the avalanche of information.  Give your senses a chance to bask in an organic world, and cherish the presence of the people who are near you.  If your sense of contentment is interrupted simply because you can’t access your electronics, that’s a sign of an unhealthy dependence on technology for emotional fulfillment.

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