4 Signs that Validate Whether or Not You’re Being Productive

Productivity is one of the most ubiquitous concepts in business.  The more productive people are within an organization, the faster this organization will grow and evolve.  Productivity is easy enough to explain.  But how can you tell if you’re actually being productive in your work?  Are you supposed to wait for someone else to confirm it for you?  Is it a matter of crunching numbers or tallying quotas?


There’s More to It :  

In their definition of productivity, Psychology Today suggests that “High productivity results from a mix of factors: motivation, personality, natural talent, training/education, environment, support from others, time management, and even luck… it relies on mental energy, physical energy, and motivation derived from meaningful work.” In light of all these ingredients, it’s reasonable to argue that productivity shouldn’t be measured according to output alone.  It should also be measured according to an individual’s capacity to replicate previously achieved output.  Here are a few signs that indicate whether or not you’re being productive:


1.    You Aren’t Fatigued:

Working hard can be exhausting.  But if you find yourself feeling exhausted frequently and persistently, that’s a sign you’re on a slippery slope to burnout.  Productive work strikes a balance between exertion and recuperation.


2.    Nothing Interferes with Your Work:

Offices can get noisy and chaotic.  Sometimes there’s music blaring, juicy gossip, or even white noise from things like printers and hardware.  If none of these variables gets in the way of your performance, that means you’ve established a method to be productive in the face of disruption.


3.    The Clock Doesn’t Shock You:

If time flies when you’re having fun, then it crawls when you’re putting in work.  One of the hallmarks of genuine productivity is efficient time management.  Accomplishing your goals on schedule indicates that you are allocating your resources and efforts appropriately.


4.    You Have a Strong Attention Span:

Productivity requires focus, and focus can only be practiced by paying attention.  Productive people don’t fall victim to diversions easily.  Once they start a project, they see it through to completion.  Once they start a process, they stick with it until it’s been resolved.



Productivity isn’t a characteristic that depends on energy.  It is actually a phenomenon which depends on longevity.  In order to be productive, you have to stay focused and effective for a long enough time to accomplish your goals.  Sometimes those goals exist in the short term, but the most meaningful ones are usually relevant to the long term.  The more you cater your approach to the long-term goals of your work, the better placed you will be to practice sustainable productivity. If you like what you just read from our blog, you’ll love the various informative courses, workshops and events listed on our websites and social media. Whether you’re interested in personal development, or overall improvement of your business, give us a call at 1 (888) 823-7757 to find out how The RISE Academy can help you break past your daily struggles and start soaring in success. Exclusive offers are also available on our new site

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