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How to control fear


Today more than ever, the future of the country is uncertain especially for us Latinos and worse still for those who are illegally in this country, so that fear is normal.

Fear is a feeling that we all experience.

That is why it is important to learn to live with it, since fear is a form of self-protection in any situation of danger or unknown.

But how do we learn to live with Fear?

Well, when we are in a situation that makes us feel fear, the first thing is to recognize the symptoms.

And, what are the symptoms? It has to do with what we feel at the moment of being afraid, as is sweating, shortness of breath, palpitations, dry mouth, your whole body shakes and worse, our mind yes! Those thoughts that tell us in detail everything that could happen, and not only good, to bad luck of us, have to do with everything bad.

So, what I recommend best for that moment is: calm, breathe, take control of your emotions, your thoughts, take control of yourself.

It’s ok if you’re afraid, you recognize the perfect symptoms. But now what are you going to do?

Ask yourself if, are you being realistic? If you are not exaggerating?

Look, in those moments of uncertainty is when you most need to be well alert to know how you will act.

Remember something very important: Fear paralyzes, blocks you, makes you useless and can kill you.

So it’s time to start looking for the resources you have to solve the problem.
Stay away from negative people.
Turn your fear into defiance.
Draw the force inside you and face it.
If you want and only if you really want it you can and you will be able to achieve everything that you propose.

Remember that “The power is in you”

Adriana Gallardo.

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